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Daily car news

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X tuningThe tuning company ChargeSpeed propose a new carbon bodykit for the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X that has just become available for order. If you are a fan of carbon fibre you deffinetly going to like this new accessories.


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Spy shots of the car taken during the past year have shown the car will borrow the design lines of X6, and is expected to be available in both RWD and AWD configurations.

Audi R8 tuning by Wheelsandmore

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Audi R8 tuningWheelsandmore is a German tuning company specialized in high-end sportscars. Their latest work is dedicated to Audi R8, for which they have developed a series of upgrades.

Loremo - super-light, super-efficient and new looks!

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Loremo is a german manufacturer that has decided to make a new lightweight model. For the new car they used lots of new concepts, such as no regular doors, great aerodynamics and small diesel engines. The results are the LS and GT versions of its car, that will be named Loremo. Weighing 450 kg, the cars manage to have incredible fuel economy figures.

Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Blanchimont - dream limousine

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After the Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Eau Rouge, automobile manufacturer Carlsson, a firm that specializes in tuning for Mercedes Benz, has introduced its next limited edition luxury car: the Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Blanchimont. Conceived in collaboration with the leather and lifestyle brand Etienne Aigner AG and developed by the Carlsson engineers, this luxury limousine is produced in an exclusive small series.

The European crash tester ADAC unleashed a big and bad SUV against a little cute car and the result was harrowing! The test consisted in a frontal collision at 56 km / h between an Audi Q7 and a Fiat 500. And like you expected the result where verry bad for passengers of the Fiat 500.

BMW IDE conceptLast year students from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin had the task of designing the BMW of 2015, that will adres to persons in their mid - 30's.

The project was approved by BMW and a special commission was created by the automobile manufacturer to monitor internal models through their steps.

Daimler Smart EV coming in 2010

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Daimler EVDaimler was not so forthcoming about their EV until he does not have a hundred or so tests, and apparently since the car has done well in these tests, and ... the car will be on roads by 2010 [...]

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