Detox Foot Patches

Detoxification foot patches are applied on both of the feet before one goes to bed. They are applied as a means to detoxify the body overnight. They are designed to remove toxins that accumulate in the body through reflexology points as soon as they are stimulated by components of the patches. The patches are made from bamboo extracts, herbs,and gemstone compounds. The use of detox foot patches is a comfortable way of getting rid of toxins accumulated in the body. Detoxification of the body is a practice thatis traced back to Asia.

Accumulation of toxins in the body is a result of ingestion of polluted food and water, or the inhalation of polluted air. The toxins in the body threaten the general health of an individual which makes detoxification necessary. It is therefore important to avoid consumption or exposure to toxic foods and environments. However, it is increasingly difficult to tell the sources of food we purchase from the groceries stores. It is also difficult to guarantee the hygiene levels of the processes involved in thepreparation of processed foods. Consequently, it necessitates one to perform a detoxification to get rid of toxins they may unconsciously have gathered.

Detox foot pads are beneficial in the following ways:

Improve mental health: Theuse of foot pads increases the circulation of blood in the body as well as the distribution of oxygen. This improves the functioning of brain cells as they receive more oxygen. The foot pads also invigorate the acupuncture points and reflexology points thus soothing an individual’s general mood.

Trigger a good night’s sleep:As established, detoxification foot pads are made of components that trigger blood circulation which promotes the relaxation of the body muscles. This leads to a restful night and waking up energetic ready to face the day’s challenges.

They are easy to use: Foot patches only require the user to attach them smoothly over the bottom of the feet. They do not leave any residue on the feet. Additionally, they do not have secondary effects on one’s health.

Body detoxification:They get rid of accumulated body toxins. The technology employed by different manufacturers include reflexology, infrared rays, negative ions to stimulate blood circulations, or triggering of acupuncture points on the feet. The feet are the end point of many nerves in the body. Using the feet as an avenue to get rid of toxins is, therefore, a suitable and comfortable way to detoxify one’s body.

Differing views and opinions

While the benefits associated with the detoxification footpads are comforting, there is hardly any scientific evidence to support them. The distributors of the product’s emphasize the organic nature of the products as the premise of their safety. However, the assumptions are wrong since organic compounds could be harmful to one’s health. The legality of the products as a health product has been disputed since there is minimal scientific evidence to support their functionality. Consequently, it is advisable to seek professional advice before committing to the use of detoxification patches as the primary mode of detoxification. If blood detoxification is prescribed by a doctor, it is advisable to seek other detoxification alternativesrather than detoxification foot patches.

Business application

Increased health consciousness has driven many people to explore credible ways of enhancing their health and immunity. Detoxification options such as detox foot patches, lemon water, organic juices, etc. are becoming popular. Prospective business entities can explore various detoxification foods, beverages, and substances for business purposes. It is a promising sector, especially for health practitioners.

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