How Traditional Farming is Good for the Farmers and Environment in the Long Run?

Just as modern science has aided and given a new meaning to many other areas of life, one area where science has brought in a big change is farming and livestock.

It is interesting to see the big contributions in technological tools where automated tractors and tillers are there to do the work of plowing and harvesting in much lesser time. But all that one side, science has also brought in the pesticides which during their initial launch had caused a great furor. Two sides of farmers were – ones who supported the use of pesticides, anti-bacterial and antibiotics in farming, and others who negated it. The fact that pesticides did not just remove pests from the fields but also made the yield poisonous or caused harm to the nutrition of the crop was a serious claim.

Slowly, and steadily with the help of naturopathic physicians like Geoffrey Morell , farmers and farm owners started realizing that the traditional approach to farming and grazing had its own goodness, own wholesomeness.

Looking back at the condition of farming and livestock grazing, farmers found that using pesticides more can directly affect the quality of crops. There are also claims that many birds and bees are dying untimely death due to consumption of these pesticide sprayed crops.

It is indeed something that did not bother many though, now thanks to the sudden awareness and global warming situation, farmers are looking at organic farming from a different light. The farmers are now realizing that using no fertilizer, antibiotics or synthetic boosts for crops also could guarantee good crop.

Every farmer wants great crop yields and indeed, it is troubling when pests and insects feast on these crops leaving no profit for the farmers who spend weeks on the field tending after them. But there are also organic ways to ensure that the crops give good returns and that too continually.

Many a times, too much of spraying of pesticides or fertilizers on lands could pull out all the nutrients, salts and minerals from the land and use it up on a single crop a year. But those farmers, who also wish to continue farming for the next year, may not want that. Sustenance is vital and it is more important, if he has other farmhands relying on his farm. He also would need to keep in mind that relocating his farm would be out of question every year! This is why Geoffrey Morell from PA Bowen Farmstead has in collaboration with his wife, an author and supporter of consumption of raw milk and unadulterated foods, has come up with using no pesticide for crops.

He also has not just gone ahead to stop using antibiotics on crops, but also does not believe in draining up a land’s nutrition by allowing excessive grazing with his farm animals. In order to ensure that his cattle get a variety of protein and mineral rich food all year, he practices what he preaches. He ensures that with a series of healthy measures, farm and farm animals can get nutrition in the best form to lead a healthy life.

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