Movie Ticket Booking Using the Virtual Wallet

One of the main advantages of conducting online transactions using the reseller sites or Apps is the provision of using the online wallet.

Most of the popularmovie tickets booking aggregators like Phonepay, Mobiwik and Paytm have their in-built virtual wallet systems. These e-wallets facilitate easier and safer payment as compared to other modes of payment online. Operating these wallets is really simple and easy.

The wallet needs to be downloaded onto one’s smart phone handset from the App Store or Play Store. Then the user needs to register for using the services of the wallet. Once the registration is complete, the user needs to transfer some value of money virtually from his bank account to the wallet account. The amount is debited from the user bank account and credited into the wallet account. This e-wallet can then be used for making all types of payments and e-commerce transactions, of course, using the particular aggregator’s site or App. So, the next time you think of getting your movie tickets booking online, get going and use your virtual wallet.

The e-wallet is safe because during the entire transaction process of booking the movie tickets online, nowhere does the user need to mention his credit card or debit card details like the card number, expiry, name of the card holder, the CVV or bank account details while using Netbanking facility like customer number, account number and password. Thus the transaction does not grab undue attention of online hackers and criminals.

The other good reason for using the aggregator site or App for getting your movie tickets booking done onlineis that as a registered user of the site or App you get plenty of cash back offers that are specific not only to booking movie tickets online but also for making other kind of purchases using that particular aggregator App or site. There are discount coupons and gift vouchers that can be used for different kind of purchasesincluding purchasing movie tickets online, paying bills online, reserving rail and airline tickets and other such online services as well as shopping through the e-commerce portal of the aggregator.

One common difference between booking movie tickets from the website of the hall owner and the aggregator is that the aggregators are tied up with numerous types of service providers and hence as a registered user one gets a centralized platform from where he can conduct numerous online transactions pertaining to different types of services. And with their e-shopping section, the user can make purchases of different types of products from different brands. Also one of the primary reasons why many customers choose the aggregator for conducting online transactions is that payments through the latter are considered to be much safer. The reason behind this thought is that many of the reputed aggregators have their own payment gateway and since they are tied up with lots of service providers enabling hundreds of online transactions every day, their gateways are considered to be much more robust and high on security than the other websites.

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