How to Overcome Power Issues in Google Pixel XL?

The Google Pixel XL, coming with a 2270 mAh battery has the backup of almost a day under normal usage. However extreme usage can result in the end of battery before the day and hence the users have raised concerns about the backup of this phone. After doing a very good research on this topic and testing this phone for its power features finally I reached the conclusion that the battery of this phone is not that bad as suspected by the users. It is the way they are using the Google Pixel XL that caused battery backup issues for the majority of the users. For a user who wants to continuously use it for the day, including playing games,they have no other option than buying some Best Power Banks. Others can follow the below tips to find an increased battery backup for this device.

How to Overcome Power Issues in Google Pixel XL?

It is the unwanted battery draining apps that consume the maximum power of this device. So, check for any such apps and either remove it or block it from working in the background. This single step alone can make a huger difference in the battery backup of the Google Pixel XL. The “Battery” option available in the Settings of this device can provide you with the details of the power consumed by each app. This can help you easily identify the culprit behind the immediate power loss. Also, try to remove all the unused apps in the device. This can help you to increase the power backup of the Pixel along with an increased performance of the device. A lot of such apps might be available on the device which you might be installed thinking of being helpful and later found to be useless. Remove all of them immediately.

The power saver and battery optimization feature available in the Pixel XL can be used to increase the battery life of your device. But it is recommended to use them only in situations when you are in threat of the battery getting died soon. Because these options limit the functionality of the device.

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