Scott Jay Abraham Brings You Interior Designs Based on Industrial Concepts

In the earlier decade, interior decorating typically involved the process of hiding away those substances of a space that can remind people how the space was basically constructed of different things. In other words, concealing things like wiring, ceiling fixtures, piping lines or structural substances was the fashion and this was an area of research both in house complexes or commercial floors.

Outdating all those established trendy ideas now industry observes miracles of industrial interior decoration whereas the entire approach is just 360 degree reversed than its counterpart. Expert highly specialized industrial designers have started twisting the concept with use of raw, unfinished and exposed aesthetics in design plan. Living in California, Scott Jay Abraham is a distinguished professional interior designer specialized in Industrial design. He is supporting thousands of his clients with his great ideas, plans, solutions to produce cutting edge concepts in home and business places interiors.

The vast area of industrial décor appreciates that instead of demoting the inner spines and key functional pieces away from human sight, exposure of those components for the people to see, is the ‘Style’. However, once again the job should be undertaken by a professional only who has deep ideas and knowledge about how the things should be highlighted and to what extent.  Thus, the metal legs, exposed pipes or ductwork can be organized in a pattern blending them with traditional or trendy concepts that bring a different feel in the home ambiance.

A few Concepts

Exposed metals

There are various ways a designer can make use of the basic characteristics of exposed metallic framing home furnishing. The metal of fixtures can include range of colors, shapes, sheens and types. The designing should be done with the right layout plan which needs expertise and comprehensive researches.

Humbly looking wooden furniture

The humble looking high class wooden furniture can add new color in the interior design plan based on industrial concept. With the use of worn, mismatched, battered wooden fittings, keeping the quality as a consistent, now rooms can look more organic, earthy and well paired with industrial metal décor.

Distinctive lighting

Along with the distinctive presence of weathered woods, marked metals inclusion of industrial style lighting systems in the dinning place can offer a historical touch in your dinning place. Instead of using trendiest glass fitted costly dinning table, why not thing of using antique fixtures, huge industrial table with metallic corners, exposed blubs, lanterns that make their place charming them ever.

True industrial interior decoration involves use of plethora mixed material substances featuring raw wood, steel structure and metal furnishing. This is basically an idea of transporting the industrial concepts that are typically found in industrialized settings. Use of metal brackets, pigeon-hole storage systems, cables or wires mix a natural industrial view what is most expected. However, the whole idea is the concept whereas proper design plan, layout plan considering the space constrains should be well though before initiating the job. Scott Abraham , a California based industrial designer who offer comprehensive interior design plans, solutions and services to his valued clients.

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