Top accessories for KTM RC 390

The supersport machines By KTM have made a foothold in the Indian two-wheeler market. The latest beast by the KTM is the KTM RC 390 which is similar to the older bike but there have been quite a few upgrades. The bike look striking in orange and black, in fact it gives quite a funky and sporty look. There have been changes made to the exhaust and a few other changes that make the bike look different visually. Moreover, unlike the previous exhaust the new one is not louder; it is much more refine even when the speed is quite high.

The KTM RC 390 is expensive and is quite a high-ended bike; also there are a few additional expenses of buying the required accessories, when buying the bike. There are a few top accessories that are required for riding the KTM and one should definitely purchase them while purchasing the bike.

The important accessories for the KTM RC 390

  • The motorcycle Gear Sock- This is for protecting the expensive leather shoes one wear while riding the bike. It prevents the gear marks from getting on the shoes and it is made up of soft rubber.
  • Helmet light kit- The light kit helps one in getting creative with their own helmet; this kit consists of the stickers, glue for the helmet and the light –controller.
  • Chain clean brush- The brush is made up of nylon and is useful for cleaning the chain properly. This product is also durable.
  • Pro Arm sleeves- While riding a sports bike like the KTM, there are chances of falling prey to the wind, dust and pollution. This pro sleeve protector is great for protecting from such activities and is mostly worn while riding, cycling, training or while doing any other outdoor activity.
  • Fork sliders- It protects the bottom of the bike such as the brake slippers and the nuts. It is easy to install and is made from polymer.
  • Metal fuel can- The fuel can is necessary for travelling long distances for carrying fuel. It is made up of solid metal.
  • Back protector- The back protector is for protecting the back of the bike from injuries; it is shock absorbent and is adjustable. It is one of the most important things when it comes to protecting the bike.
  • Power tronic- It is a plug-in device that ignites the fuel automatically, it is helpful in increasing the efficiency and it has the power to ignite the fuel system.

The more expensive the bike, the more accessories it requires which leads to extra expenses. KTM RC 390 is a high-ended bike that needs protection and maintenance for which one needs to have a lot of extra things. It is a great sports bike and if you can afford to buy it and also spend a little extra on the accessories then it is just worth it. So if you are planning to buy this bike by KTM, then be sure to purchase these extra accessories also.

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