Top Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you decide to let a personal injury lawyer represent you in court, it is important to take your time and conduct some research to ensure that you have selected the right person for your case.  Not all personal injury cases are the same.  The type of injury you sustain and your unique circumstances can make complicate your case.  This is the reason why it makes great sense to conduct some research and then select a personal injury lawyer.  To receive high quality legal assistance, you need to ask a few questions before finalizing your decision.  For instance:

  • Ask them if they are experienced in handling cases involving your type of accident or injury. This will ensure that your lawyer is already aware of how to proceed and win your case.
  • Be sure to ask them about what they will charge and how. Do not leave this question until the very end.  Many lawyers may decide to work on your case without asking for any upfront payment, but they may charge you a lot once you get the verdict in your favor.  Therefore, ask them what they will charge and when you need to pay the fees.
  • Ask them about what they think of your claim. Tell them about the information you have available to support your claim in court.  Ask about what else they need to conclude your case successfully.  It is also a good idea to ask them about any strengths and weaknesses of your case.  Also, inquire them about what think will be the best strategy for success.
  • Ask exactly who is going to handle your case once you have finalized your decision. It is important to ask because sometimes a different lawyer will offer free consultation but they will then ask a junior and a less experienced person to handle your case.  Therefore, you should ask them specifically about who is going to work on your case.  If you choose to work with only one lawyer, be sure to know a bit about their workload, as this will help you decide how much time they are going to give to your case.
  • Ask how they are going to manage your case when they appoint more than one lawyer to your case. This is usually the case when you approach a big law firm to take charge of things.  Whatever the case, be sure to sign a contract with the lawyer who you want to work on your case.  And ensure that the contract also specify all their fee and payment requirements.
  • Ask about how to contact them once you have hired them. Different lawyers favor different modes of communication.  It is important to ask them who you should contact and how.  And ask them about your role when they are working on your case.  You have to be around and know what decisions are being made.

Be sure to ask all these questions and you will surely be able to select the best personal injury lawyer to win your case.

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