Undiscovered city: Agadir

Undiscovered city: Agadir

Located in the Morocco’s southern coast, Agadir is a city full of charm and good things to see. It has an interesting history, it was destroyed by an earthquake a long time ago but it was saved and now it has turned in one of the modern cities in Morocco. Even though it seems too modern it still retains things about its past. So, I believe this others the potential of being an amazing city that attracts many tourist around the world.

Some people say this city does not remember the real sense of Morocco. Maybe it is not like the other cities and it seems different, but you can still visit it and have fun. If you want to do the Morocco Tours there are some mandatory things you need to when you get here. To begin with the list, if you know are like doing exercises maybe you can try to hike to a Kasbah. You will enjoy a nice activity and you will also enjoy the great architecture around you. As a second option, you can definitely go to the beach. Maybe this beach is not as good as it is Essaouira beach, but you can still have fun here and take a bath. If you are still looking for relaxation, going to a Hamman will help you a lot. There are some fancy places you can go to in order to enjoy this public bath called Hamman. If you enjoy eating good food, there is a good place you should visit called Les Blancs is a great place to eat or have a drink with your friends. There are options for any people, even if you are vegetarian. On the other hand, if you want to do something extra besides eating, you can visit the souks and the Medina to buy something. There are some nice shops that sell beautiful things that you may like.

If you plan the Morocco trips the way it should be, you can include all the things I listed before in your itinerary. If you want to do another things, you can also include visiting places like the Memoire d’Agadir which a small museum located in Agadir, go to the Souss Massa National Park and have fun, explore Crocopar which is an extremely fun place and an experience you will not forget or maybe if you want to do something simple you can have a picnic in the Vallée des Oiseaux that is a beautiful park located in Agadir.

One of the best places that you should visit in Agadir as I told you is the Seafront promenade. There are many things to do here and it offers many possibilities to tourists: restaurants, things to rent and beautiful sunsets. It is a good walk around the beach. There is a restaurant zone and a hotel zone –there are really good hotels here. This is an excellent place to go for a walk, run, and riding a bike. You can see many locals at night and interact with them. Sometimes it seems lonely because it is too big, but I can assure it is not always like that. This is a relaxing place to sit and look at the beach. At night, looking at the city and the shows is an unforgettable experience.

As you can see, Agadir is a gift that needs to be open, a secret that need to be told. There is nothing better than visiting this city and discovering all the things it has to offer. So, prepare your bag and be ready to join the experience.

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